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Getting backlinks is a vital part of the game for your online business and if you don't get them backlinks then you really shouldn't be in business. It's like driving a car - it's only as good as the road it's on and if you don't build the right road then you might just end up going the wrong way and ploughing along at breakneck speed in no time at all! You also need to consider that when you get a backlink it is like an endorsement from the search engine that has linked with you and the search engine gives a 'dotted link" behind each backlink.

The more links you have pointing to your website the higher your ranking in the search engine will be. So how do you get more links? Easy! There are numerous ways and I'll highlight just two of the best below: free ways and paid ways. As I said in my last article, quality never hurts. So let's move on and look at some backlinks.

First up, there's link farms. If you're new to this area I'm afraid you may be better off not getting involved in this. The problem with link farms is that they will drive your domain name traffic to your competitor sites. You see, the people who run these farms want all their traffic to be directed to their websites.

OK so what can you do about this? Well, you could try buying backlinks from sites that are not related to your own. However, buying backlinks from sites which are unrelated is quite pointless as Google will still give you the same rating for relevance. Another way of doing this is joining forums. You can either buy forum Sponsorship (this is usually quite expensive) or you can bid for forum owner slots to gain backlinks. It's totally up to you and I would only advise this approach if you have quite strong domain name ranking already as there isn't that much difference in the quality of backlinks you'll get.

OK, now we come to another issue - getting more targeted, relevant backlinks. You need to generate a lot of link popularity for your site. For most sites this will mean having an article written and submitted to article directories. The articles need to include a link to your website within the body of the text, so make sure you target your keyword density and try and produce as many one-way backlinks as possible.

Once you've got your backlinks distributed you need to make sure you keep them coming. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to encourage other webmasters to post your backlink to their sites, and the second is to keep producing more articles yourself and submitting them to the article directories.

How you distribute your name backlinks will have a major effect on the quality of your backlinks. I've seen numerous sites which tried to distribute their backlinks like crazy, in a totally non-professional way. They'd post one backlink after another in all sorts of different places. What this does is spread the backlink wildfire all over the Internet, driving people in and out of your site indiscriminately. Search engines see this and it lowers your rankings. In addition, most people who do these sorts of things end up with spam complaints, which lowers your reputation even further.

The only way to distribute your name backlinks in a good manner is to get your links placed only in the most relevant places. Put your links in spots where people will actually be interested in viewing them. One way to do this is to find directories that cater to your niche and place your links in there. You could also use forums, newsgroups and social bookmarking sites to distribute your name backlinks. Keep in mind that you need to be consistent with the type of links you use if you want to get your site to the top of the search engine rankings.